What network system does Farkix operate with?
1) VIP - Network limited to ten people and sun network.
2) STANDARD - Unlimited via links.
What is the method of paying dividends in investment?

On average, between ten percent and fifteen percent a month.

How many are types of plans available?

$5000 $2000 $1000 $500 $300 $200 $100

How much is maximum course income?

Four hundred percent interest for the whole period.

What will happen to the principle of capital?

At the end of the period the amount of initial capital will be returned.

Is there a limit to withdraw your profits from the account?

Yes, it should be at least 75$ and only once a month.

How can we reap our profits?

Via bitcoine digital currency.

Will introducing new people include benefits for me?

Yes in the VIP section Directly you will only get ten people and 5% profit and in the second phase, 3% and in the third step, you will get 1% of your subgroups in the standard section, the number of people is unlimited and 3% for everyone.